leff amsterdam is pro-progress!

We’re living in a tumultuous time where right-wing populism is growing. A small group of men and women are demanding power, deciding what is wrong or right. They are creating racism, xenophobia and narrow-mindedness which sets people up against each other. Blinded by power, these rulers make the same mistakes as their predecessors did a hundred years ago.

We at LEFF amsterdam noticed this and felt something needed to change. Because we represent the opposite. We want reconciliation and progress. Not setting people up against each other, but uniting them instead.

The Milan Design Week offered us a stage to speak up against the narrow-minded attitude of these political leaders. We created a ‘Geert Wilders statue’ and covered his mouth with one of our tube watches. Because the Netherlands stopped the populism of Geert Wilders, and now it is up to the rest of Europe with the upcoming elections.

With this, we called up on the rest of the design world to do something with their reach. Within the world of design, progress and daring to speak up is essential.

Without progress no art, no design, no design week and no LEFF amsterdam.

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