“Loving and a little bit of rock & roll”

Lauren Visser is much more than a pretty face. She is smart, she is loving and a little bit rock & roll. Just 21 years old, but has already been modeling for 7 years, travelled around the world and had her share of great parties. Now lives together with her cat Frankie and her boyfriend in a house that is too big to clean.

Best nickname that someone gave you?
“If it’s the best I don’t know, but the most creative is definitely Elvis. It’s a combination of the pronunciation of the letter L and beginning of my last name Visser… it’s quite an honor to be called after such a legend, but come on… Luckily it didn’t stick.”

Places that are high on your travel list?
“Oh that’s a really tough question. Eventually my goal is to have seen every little corner of the world. I’ve travelled pretty far but there’s still so much to see… I can’t choose! But, I am planning a city trip with my man to St. Petersburg, Russia for June. And a long holiday with my two closest friends to south America before that… so I guess those are highest on my list.”

If today was the last day of your life, how would you spend it?
“I would ask everyone closest to me to come over and watch movies with me in my living room that’s turned into huge pillow walhalla”

If you ruled the world, what would you change?
“I wouldn’t even know where to begin…. oh wait I do. Trump, gone.”

Do you prefer spontaneity or routine?
“Nowadays I would say a combination of both. I love to be at home with my kitten Frankie and my boyfriend. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but when I was younger I could never find the peace to just stay at home for two days.”

Best dinner places in Amsterdam?
“For a low-key dinner I really love ‘Ocha’. If you ask me, the best Thai place in town. When I’m hung over, you can make me very happy with the fried chicken from ‘The rotisserie’ in the eastside of Amsterdam. For a more special, but not too fancy dinner, I would advise the ‘Wilde zwijnen’ in the eastside of Amsterdam. Good food, good wine and a good price. But the best place to go for dinner in Amsterdam is my best friends house. You cannot leave before you’ve had a great meal (sometimes a little bit too experimental but okay..), played more than one game, have sung some karaoke songs and can’t walk straight anymore.”

What do you love about Amsterdam?
“Amsterdam is a small place. It can feel like this very small village where you bump into someone almost every corner. But at the same time it’s a world city. I’ve learned a lot from living here. I’ve learned not to be narrow minded, and to be a bit tough. Oh, and to bike in all kinds of circumstances. No matter what kind of weather haha.”

How do you match your tube watch S38 steel?
“My color is black, with a hint of grey. But mostly black haha. My favorite outfit of this season is a grey, an oversized wool turtleneck, flared jeans, a motorcycle leather jacket and a pair of black Dr. Martens. So my tube watch S38 steel is a perfect match :)”